Demented thoughts

In the darkest corners and rooms in my mind i find the emptiness that seems to be in all of my thoughts. Going from loving my children to hating myself and who i am and what i should be for them eats me alive and im not sure if i will make it til they are 18. That number is my goal to live for them. Im not living for myself but for my girls. I know i will take my own life i just havent decided exactly how yet but i guess i have plenty of time to narrow down my options. 


Author: icysmama

I am a mama of 4 great kiddos. I have done a lot to mess up motherhood, but thankfully I have done somethings right, seeing as how my babies still love me with all their hearts. I have wrote poetry for over 20 yrs getting better and better. I will use this blog to be real not fake to tell the ugly truths that are normally not heard of.....

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